Daniel had the vision to start an organization for the poor people to help themselves and PPDS was born


PPDS is envisioning a just and equal society without poor and poverty.


To empower local communities, with a particular focus on women and children to lift themselves out of poverty through, education, awareness and training. We aim to facilitate the people’s access to existing opportunities and resources provided by the state..

Our main objectives to achieve our mission is to:

• To assist families with financial support for sending children to school such as school fees, text books, notebooks and school Uniforms, this then ensures children will have the opportunity and tools to get a better education

• To enable rural children with additional educational help by facilitating evening schools.

• To organize summer camps for young children and adolescents to help their personal development.

• To promote and facilitate vocational skills learning to encourage better skills that afford a more sustainable livelihood.

• To empower women to have a stronger voice within society and gain new skills to support themselves and their families.

• To promote community based health programs and information seminars to serve the people in remote areas.

• To create awareness of their legal, state, national and international rights.

• To create environmental awareness amongst the youth and old alike.

• To provide relief materials during flood, cyclone or any other emergencies.

Area of Operation

Currently, PPDS is working in Pudhucherry Union Territory and in three coastal districts of Tamil Nadu, namely Villupuram, Cuddalore and Nagapattinam.

Target Groups

People living in poverty in rural villages areas, with a particular focus on women and youth.

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