Our Action - Education

During the first 10 years of PPDS, we are privileged to have helped over 350 students through the provision of evening classes. These classes ensured these children got the additional help needed for them to remain in school and keep good grades. As well as additional education, PPDS also help families to financially send their children to school by purchasing items such as stationery, text books and, for older children, school uniforms. With a little extra help from PPDS we have seen a fall in school drop outs in the local villages and we have seen the young children grow into outstanding, hard-working students, who we continue to support as they reach higher education.

Some of our early students are now working and making a positive contribution to their community. PPDS education programs aim to not only assist students school lessons and curriculum but also empowering them about their rights and responsibilities. To ensure we empower the children fully we encourage personal development, rights awareness and other skills such as sports or dance and we educate the children about health care and environmental issues

Note books distribution at Mangalam village
Yoga, Health and Hygienic programme
Educational Materials for Thuravithangal School
Certificate Distributed
Dengue awareness
Christmas and New Year 2018 celebration at Mangalam village