During the first 17 years of PPDS, we are privileged to have helped over 1550 students through the provision of evening classes. These classes ensured these children got the additional help needed for them to remain in school and keep good grades. As well as additional education, PPDS also help families financially to send their children to school by purchasing items such as stationery, text books and, for older children, school uniforms. With a little extra help from PPDS we have seen a fall in school drop outs in the local villages and we have seen the young children grow into outstanding, hard-working students, who we continue to support as they reach higher education.
Some of our early students are now working and making a positive contribution to their community. PPDS education programs aim to not only assist students school lessons and curriculum but also encourage in active participation in sports and they are receiving lots of prizes and medals at school level and district level.
Regular “Medical Camps” are arranged, benefiting some 100 villages in the region, accessing health care to remote villages. For these we owe a debt of thanks to Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institution, Pondicherry. Specialized teams include:
• General Medicine
• General surgery
• Pediatrics
• Dermatology
• Orthopedics
• Ophthalmologists
• Dental
If necessary, people are referred to Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institution for further treatment, for which financial assistance is given if required. PPDS also supports financially for emergency medical expenses for children in our working areas.
Dengue Awareness:
With increasing dengue fever PPDS conducts awareness campaign and provided herbal syrup to prevent the villagers from dengue fever

Installation of RO (Reverse Osmosis) in schools:
RO has been installed in a school to provide purified drinking water and to avoid water borne disease among the school going children
Distribution of wheel chair and cycle for differently abled persons:
Wheel chair and cycles has been provided to the differently abled persons. Their family has been supported financially for the children’s education and for meeting family expenses.
HIV/AIDS awareness programme :
Education plays a big part in the reduction of HIV infections, and people who have attended one of our 17 AIDS programmes have become torch bearers in the campaign for AIDS awareness. Every year on 1st December, we celebrate World AIDS Day and create awareness through placards, handouts and inspirational and informative songs.
Since our inception, PPDS has focused primarily on educating and empowering women, which in turn creates better confidence, self-esteem and provides self-reliance.
Free Tailoring unit for women :
PPDS has been running a free tailoring centre in P.S.Palayam village for women since 2013.So far 15 batches of training has been given and about 375 women has been benefitted through this training and is happy to be economically independent. About 5 women were given free tailoring machines to enable them to generate income through stitching.
International womens day :
Our celebration of International Women’s Day each year is an outward sign to the community at large that all women should be treated with equality and respect. Household utensils and sarees are distributed for free for the very poor women during this occasion.
Provision of milching cows and goats:
PPDS has been provided 5 milching cows for very poor women and that has been multiplied through its breeding and their livelihoods is sustainable and are in a position to help others as well.
Rights awareness and empowerment programs :
Workshop on women rights and empowerment are conducted to create awareness among women and to develop their capacities and perspective on women’s rights.

Relief and Rehabilitation
PPDS has been regularly providing support during the natural disasters, including the 2004 tsunami, floods and the cyclones that affect every monsoon with food supplies, clothing and livelihood materials like fishing nets.

Environmental Awareness Camp
PPDS regularly creates awareness on environmental hazards, plastic wastes etc to the women and children by organizing meetings and summer camps.

Exposure visit:
PPDS has organized exposure visit to Auroville botanical garden for the rural women where they got exposed to different kinds of plants and trees. Along with the exposure, sessions on different topics such as soil erosion and tree planting were given to them.

Tree planting :
PPDS has planted about 500 saplings in different villages through the community members in the villages including the youth and the children.

School children and the villagers have been guided to segregate the wastes as degradable and non degradable wastes and were engaged in the recycling of wastes.

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